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Back in June, Concrete Concrete and Concrete Cat started working on a Secret project that we are now very excited to announce. We are teaming up on Kickstarter to bring you The Easy Make Concrete Kit! It's the easiest, funnest way to try concrete art and design in the comfort of your own home! The Kit has everything you need from Grey Matter Studio Concrete Mix to custom molds, mineral pigment and finishing wax. ⁠

Pre-order now exclusively on Kickstarter for Early Bird pricing of $45 CAD with FREE shipping to USA and Canada.

Concrete art and design - Made easy!

The Concrete Concrete Easy Make Kit allows you to marble and cast concrete objects in the comfort of your home! It includes everything you need to get started in the wonderful world of concrete art and design. No special tools or space is required with the Easy Make, just follow the instruction and in 24 hours you will make your very own amazing concrete objects.

Our Easy Make Concrete Kit has everything you need to make a marbled concrete cactus planter and a couple hex tiles or coasters.

What does your funding provide?

We have developed a great prototype and we're now ready to run production. We want to make a nice box, add printed instructions, and give you easy to use packaging. In order to do so, we need a minimum production run of over 1000 units to do printing, mold making, and custom bagging. This helps us keep the price accessible for you!
Grey Matter - Our specially designed mix is super strong and cures incredibly fast! Grey Matter was design for the rigorous needs of Concrete Cat art studio, they've been happily using it for over 3 years. Grey Matter is one of the most advanced concrete mix designs available to the average consumer in user friendly packaging and quantities. Learn More About Concrete Concrete's super powered concrete here!

Artisan Grade Pigments - We source the finest artisan grade mineral pigments to make sure your colours are beautiful. The right pigments are not easy to find, so we do the guess work for you!

Custom Molds - Our custom molds are designed by Concrete Cat and have been extensively tested by their studio to ensure ease of use for you! One planter and two hex tiles are the perfect objects to grace your windowsill, desk or table.
Measuring and Mixing cups - We take the guess work out of measuring your materials to make your life easy.  Perfect measurements gives you perfect castings.

Stone Paper - A square of stone paper to sand and finish your bottom edges buttery smooth.

Lucky Cat Wax - Concrete Cat's wonderful finishing wax formula will add lustre and beautify your concrete objects.

Concrete Concrete Secret Society Pin 

Show your support for the Easy Make Concrete Kit with your very own secret society pin. The first ever three dimensional concrete pin.

Support from the Mayku Formbox 

We're incredibly fortunate to have the support of the Mayku Formbox team on this project. They've supplied us with a Formbox and materials to experiment with. Their support staff taught us the tricks to thermoforming.

Making things makes you feel good

Making things everyday has been an incredible emotional outlet. Every time I make something I get an incredible sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. I want to share that feeling with you! 

Here's the plan

MAY 2019 Concrete Cat receives Mayku Formbox and mold prototyping begins.
SEPTEMBER 2019 Iterations of Easy Make Kit tested and ready for next stage in production.

OCTOBER 2019 Kickstarter launches. We'll be sending some timely updates during the campaign.  Refining and sourcing of our packaging designs will also be going on.

NOVEMBER 2019 Receive Kickstarter funding by mid November (taking into consideration the 14 day window in Kickstarter’s payment process). We'll be shouting all the shoutouts on YouTube and sending out Secret newsletters. Production on Secret Society Pins will begin. Request packaging samples from our suppliers. Finalize mold design.

DECEMBER 2019 - JANUARY 2020  Receive all production molds, custom packaging, and print instructional materials. Beginning the process of fulfillment.

FEBRUARY 2020 Orders are estimated to ship February 2020. Shipping to USA and Canada is built into the cost for each package. 

Follow along

Backers will receive periodic updates through Kickstarter on how our final Easy Make Kit is coming together. We'll also be sharing some informative videos on our process through our YouTube channel
Thank you for your support! If there are any questions, feel free to reach out.