About Our Concrete

Grey Matter delivers concrete technology to artisans that have been industry secrets for far too long! Cast incredible objects with ease in the comfort of your own home.

Our story

"We want to make more than sidewalks. We need a concrete mix that can make art."  - Concrete Cat

Grey Matter was originally developed exclusively for Concrete Cat.  It's a special mix designed to meet the rigours of fabricating sculpture, furniture, and architectural details. Concrete Cat lended their design expertise and with the support of the Canadian National Research Council we designed a mix that’s been perfected to make the most beautiful castings in the world!

Concrete Cat's Story

"When Concrete Cat began experimenting 12 years ago the only mix available was for sidewalks; it was clumsy, crusty and slow! After years of hunting we discovered that the largest concrete company in the world had a proprietary mix that could solve our problems. Unfortunately their minimum order was 20X more than we used in a year coupled with unattainable annual licensing fee, they would not give us the time of day.

It took another year to find the reclusive concrete chemist who helped us make magic. With this new found sage on board we were able to appeal the the Canadian National Research Council to aid us in an 18 month research project to design a concrete mix from the ground up. We created a mix designed to make highly detailed art with no need for special equipment. To date Concrete Cat has used over 20 tonnes of Grey Matter, it’s the best concrete in the world and our work wouldn’t be the same without it!



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